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Ipswich is a great place to visit and a wonderful place to live. Just 44klms and 35 minutes west of Brisbane and just over 1 hrs drive to the Gold Coast.
With a population of approximately 140,000 Ipswich has produced many famous and well known Australians.
Ipswich boasts many of the magnificent historic homes of Queensland, the suburbs of Ipswich are picturesque and feature many Colonial Homes of grace that are a step back in a time.
Ipswich is Queensland's oldest city and is renowned for its cultural and architectural heritage.
Old churches such as St Paul's Anglican and St Mary's Catholic churches are magnificent examples of the heritage Architecture in Ipswich.
The city boasts the best of both worlds city and country, with all modern facilities shopping centres, Global Arts link, Sporting facilities, Civic Centre, Willowbank Raceway to name a few.
You wont have to travel far however to find cattle properties, green paddocks, wildlife even kangaroos running free.
Ipswich is a modern city on the move with the old sandstone buildings that still grace the CBD.
Part of the Heritage of Ipswich is its vast Industry, the railways have always been a large part of the workforce of Ipswich, and generations of rail workers live in the city. The railway workshops once supporting a large amount of Ipswich workers now boast one of the most magnificent Railway museums in Australia. It is simply called the workshops; you may like to browse the museum in our photo gallery on this site.
The mines and RAAF base are both a large part of the workforce in Ipswich.
One of the best assets Ipswich has to offer is its people genuine and friendly, they are proud of their town.
Come and visit Ipswich, It’s a Great Place.

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